How a broke factory worker went from driving his mom's beat-up Mercury and selling his blood for money: to making millions selling "how to" information in his spare time


And how you too can turn your unique knowledge or passion into information products that sell on the Internet (like newsletters, eBooks, and audiobooks) and become a paid, highly regarded expert in your field of interest...


From: Alan Cowgill

Dear Friend:

If you'd like to have cash pouring into your bank account while you're sleeping, sailing, or savoring fine wine in a European café, then here's great news:

Thanks to the Internet, you can turn your unique knowledge or passion into info-products (like newsletters, eBooks, and audiobooks) that sell 24 hours a day, to people around the world.

What do I mean by "unique" knowledge or passion?

It could be knowledge about your line of work, your passion in life, or even your favorite hobby. Once you publish your tips, pointers, or advice, there's literally no limit to the number of sales you can make.

"Alan, who are you and why should I listen to you?"

After a period of being broke and down on my luck in my 40s, I began studying real estate investing. And I developed a unique method for financing real estate -- not with bank money, but with money from wealthy individuals. (Also called "Private Lending".) When I began lecturing on this topic, I generated so much excitement that attendees offered to pay me for my presentation slides. Taking this to heart, I created a home study system called "Private Money Made Easy".

This was the beginning of my side business: creating and selling info-products. It's true that I was savvy about financing real estate with private money. But I never thought of myself as an expert.

Still, people who bought "Private Money Made Easy" kept turning to me for more information and advice. Before I knew it, they were calling me an authority on this topic.

So gradually, in my spare time, I expanded my line of home study systems and weekend conferences to meet customer demand.

My income exploded when I perfected my Internet marketing system

This is the most exciting part. After combining a few powerful search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, my website zoomed to the #1 position in Google. Since then, it's been racking up sales.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's a screenshot from Google:

For years this little side business has made me tons of money annually.

And once this info-product business took off, I discovered another income stream: joint ventures. Here's how that works:

With over 3,000 customers on my list, I'm constantly approached by other business owners who sell to real estate investors. They ask me to recommend their products and services to my list.

Since my customers trust me, my recommendations are valuable to them. That's why these business owners offer to split the revenue generated by my recommendations.

Examples of information that people will pay for

If you have unique knowledge, you too can possibly quit your day job, become known as an expert in your field, and potentially enjoy financial freedom. All you have to do is turn your knowledge into info-products (like newsletters, eBooks, or audiobooks). Here are some examples:

  • Do you have a knack for knitting, decorating, or baking desserts? If so, people will pay for your knowledge.
  • Are you skilled at fishing, carpentry, training dogs, or winning at poker? People will pay for your knowledge.
  • Do you have a service business now -- such as photography, massage therapy, or child care? If so, people will pay for your knowledge. Plus, your info-products will bring you more clients and referrals.
  • If you already give lectures, people will pay for CDs, DVDs, and transcripts of those lectures.
  • If you're already a distributor for a product line -- such as Tupperware -- people will pay you for related information. For example, you could write a Special Report called "How To Keep Leftovers Fresh For An Entire Week". Of course, your information will influence readers to buy more of your products!

Your expertise is valuable to others

You might not consider yourself an expert. Maybe you don't see yourself in the same league as the "big guns" who lecture at weekend conferences. All I can say is this: Don't sell yourself short!

Just look at me. If I hadn't aimed high, if I'd underrated my potential, I wouldn't be where I am today.

If someone like me (who started out as a failure) can become a highly regarded, highly paid expert, why can't you?

I bet you know more about your specialty than most folks do. To the rest of us, your specialized knowledge is valuable.

And believe me, it feels great when hundreds of admiring fans look up to you, value your advice, and respond eagerly every time they hear from you.

The "lazy man's way" to creating info-products

If you have unique knowledge, here's the easiest way to create a "how to" info-product: turn on a tape recorder and start talking. I'm not kidding!

Of course, it's best to start with a written outline -- ensuring that you give your pointers in the most logical order. But really, you're just sharing tips and advice, explaining how to get a desired result. Here are several time-tested approaches:

  • Type up a page of interview questions and have a friend interview you.
  • Do a group interview with yourself and other experts fielding the questions.
  • If you don't feel qualified to advise others, interview someone who's already an expert in your field.
  • Interview 10+ different experts. Most will give you an hour of their time just for the free publicity. They provide the content. You're the editor. Yet you get to keep 100% of the profits!

Once you've recorded your tips, pointers, or advice, you have several options. You can sell the recording as a downloadable MP3. You can burn it to CDs. Or you can transcribe your recording, save it as a PDF, and, VOILA!... you're now a self-published author with your own eBook.

(Transcription software or an outside transcription service can do the work for you.)

Speak once, sell it forever!

Info-products come in many shapes and sizes. Downloadable products are the easiest, because you have no inventory, and nothing to produce or ship. These include digital audiobooks (MP3s), transcripts, Special Reports, and eBooks.

  • A Special Report can be as short as 10 pages, and sell for $15+.
  • Depending on the demand for the information, a 50-100 page eBook can sell for anywhere from $19-$69 -- especially if it comes with downloadable MP3s.
  • If you position your product as a full-fledged home study system, you could charge $299, $499, or even $999 for it. Just know that customers will expect a big fat binder with 150+ pages of information and at least 6+ audio CDs.

The more you include in your package, the more you could charge for it. That's why many home study systems include DVDs, CD-ROMS, and bonus reports and booklets. These enhance the perceived value of your package.

If you've purchased eBooks or home study systems yourself, then you know the price ranges I have listed here are the norm.

But if you wonder why people pay $19 to $69 for a "book" that's only 50-100 pages long, click here for three reasons.

Put your product fulfillment on automatic pilot

Digital products are great because they don't require fulfillment. Customers can download them on demand.

In contrast, physical products like CDs, DVDs, and home study systems have to be shipped. But not necessarily by you!

You can hire a professional fulfillment house to warehouse and ship products for you, while your website collects the money and pours it into your bank account.

It won't matter if you're on a cruise or skiing in the rocky mountains. You can make sales 24/7 without having to lift a finger.

Why you'll love selling info-products over the Internet

  • Digital products like web-based newsletters, downloadable eBooks and MP3s cost nothing to produce. Zero! So you never have to tie up money on inventory.
  • Even physical info-products, such as CDs and home study systems, can be produced dirt-cheap and sold for 10, 20, or even 100 times what it costs to produce them. What's more, you can easily outsource the warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment.
  • Search engines can drive a flood of traffic to your website -- without you having to spend a dime on advertising. And later in this special report, I'll show you exactly how I got my site to the #1 position in Google.
  • Affiliates can also drive a flood of traffic to your website. And since you pay them in direct proportion to the results they generate, there's no advertising risk. And you don't pay them until AFTER you've been paid.
  • There's no limit to the number of products you can sell. And an online shopping cart will capture credit card information from your customers 24 hours a day.
  • When you give your customers value, they'll come back to you for more information and advice. That's when you can sell high-priced coaching. Group coaching can take the form of conference calls, webinars, or membership in a mastermind group. To show you the potential, I have customers who pay $15,000 per year to participate in my mastermind group.

Your profit margin is incredible: Higher than any other industry!

When selling products, your profit margin is the portion of the sales price you get to keep, after recouping your costs.

For example, if you owned a bookstore, you average profit margin on a paperback would be 33%. (You'd keep $5 on every $15 book you sold).

If you were a car dealer, your average profit margin on a car would be 5%. (You'd keep $1,000 on every $20,000 car you sold).

However, when you publish downloadable eBooks or MP3s, your profit margin is 100%. And it makes no difference whether you charge $19, $39, or $69. No matter what the price, you have zero hard costs!

A home study system comes close to that. You can produce 200+ pages and six CDs for about $15 and sell the system for $299, $499, or even $999 -- giving you a whopping 95% - 98.5% profit margin!

Never again trade hours for dollars!

With your own info-product, your income isn't tied to your time. Unlike freelancers, who can only sell 8 billable hours per day, there's NO limit to the number of customers you can serve.

You can sell dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of units per day, and it won't matter if you're at your desk, sailing, or at the movies with your kids.

Satisfied customers will keep buying from you


I thought I'd drop this message to thank you for writing your course on internet money. As you know, I had a death in the family and it sort of messed me up for a little while. I don't have a product to sell but I have ideas. I put those ideas into action.

Here is what I did exactly:

I looked at my background to see what I've done before for an employer and made lists. I had a list for computer work, website design, sales, customer service, etc.

A friend of mine had lost his job and all I heard were complaints about his former job. It's not something that I wanted to hear but something clicked inside. Plenty of people talk about investing but have the same complaint: no money to start.

I got started in an internet business with $0 cash, using the computer in the library, a prepaid cell phone (which I've had for a couple of years), etc. I became the middleman between 2 websites. I looked at one website where people were advertising their services for graphic design, copied their ad onto Craigslist and marked up the price. When someone responded to my Craigslist posting, I outsourced the job back to the other website to fulfill. I kept the difference between the two parties.

Recently I've bought and sold websites. It's easy to create a website name, use a plugin and create a blog. There are websites that allow the buying and selling of the entire site, especially when the site generates money through adsense.

On November 19th, I got on stage and taught my information on multiple streams of internet income. I charged a small amount just to see what would happen and I allowed the university to handled the advertising.

I charged $5 and my Paypal (I've got to get a merchant account) cleared $295. These audience members were telling me that I was charging too little for my information. 59 paid attendees, a few university non-paying employees, and some guests. I had fun teaching from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. I got the university space for free because another friend was a professor for the business school.

We need to discuss pricing at a later date. I'm definitely going back on stage in January to teach a topic. I had 5 pages of notes in outline form. I pulled up websites on the university computer and I logged into my own account to show that I actually do what I preach.

The buying and selling of a website is just another form of real estate. I recently purchased an e-cigarette website that is generating an income and sold it for a higher price. Last week I purchased a domain name and am using a WordPress plugin to develop a blog.

To make a long story short, I would love to meet with you at one of your future events but I can honestly say that I made this course work for me.

Have a wonderful holiday and please keep in touch.

-- Daniel Ng

Once your customers like you and trust you, they'll want more information and advice. They'll want your recommendations. They'll want your help solving problems.

And they'll be happy to pay higher prices for your backend products.

Multiply your revenue per customer by 10, 20, or even 50 times -- with high-priced backend products

In the "brick and mortar" world, backend products include:

  • The razor blades you buy for your shaver
  • The filters you buy for your coffee maker
  • The batteries you buy for your personal electronic gadgets

When you sell information, backend products are typically higher-priced and more comprehensive than your introductory products.

For example, suppose a customer just bought your $39 eBook. Now she wants a complete step-by-step system. So she buys your $299 advanced home study system.

Impressed by your home study system, she subscribes to your CD-of-the-month. Then she hires you for private coaching or consulting. See what I mean?

You can also create niche backend products for specific niches within your customer base.

For example, some of my customers need help managing their offices. In response to that need, I developed a course on Office Management.

Beyond your home study system, you can offer even higher priced items. For example, you can offer group coaching -- and have 10, 20, or even 100 customers paying to participate in your conference calls, teleseminars, or webinars.

When the number of participants is small, you can use a Q&A format. That's actually the easiest, because you don't have to prepare anything in advance. And you'll often develop personal friendships with the people who participate in your event. With larger groups, you'll want to do a lecture format.

When you're ready to host a conference call or webinar, third party companies can do almost everything for you. You don't need any special software, because you'll use their phone systems or websites. All you have to do is click, drag, and talk!

That means you can run a conference call or webinar sitting at your kitchen table, wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

How to collect passive income -- month after month -- with a lucrative subscription program

With a subscription program, you can enjoy passive monthly income. And you can have dozens, or hundreds of customers paying to participate. For example, customers can subscribe to your:

  • Traditional paper newsletter
  • Web-based newsletter
  • CD-of-the-month
  • Private membership site

By the way, thanks to today's technology, launching your own private membership site is surprisingly easy.

Companies like give you a turnkey website with the templates, forums, and article sections already in place. All you have to do is fill in the content. Or invite subscribers to post content by posting to your forums, etc.

There are hundreds of membership sites in existence right now, and subscribers regularly pay $25-$50 per month for password access to these sites. When membership includes a printed monthly newsletter, CD-of-the-month, webinars, or conference calls, subscribers pay as much as $99 per month.

Just imagine having hundreds of admiring fans who value your advice, and eagerly pay you $25-$99 each and every month to participate in your conference calls or webinars!

Even at the low end of $25 per month, having 100 subscribers puts $2,500 in your pocket each month. And having 1,000 subscribers makes you $25,000 per month!

When you become more advanced, you can add more and more features. Share information using podcasts, webcasts, online video tutorials, webinars, and paid membership sites.

And don't forget about private consulting. As your customer list grows, and your reputation for expertise spreads, more and more people will contact you for advice. That's when you can start charging big bucks for coaching or consulting.

And here's the best part:

You won't have to convince anyone to hire you. That's because your info-products will already have sold them. Just state your rate. Either they hire you or they don't. You've got nothing to lose.

Once people see you as an expert, you can command $75-$500 per hour for consulting (depending on your field).

I know that might be hard to believe. But here's something I learned early on:

To the wealthy, spending money is no big deal, and an hourly rate that seems outrageous to most people (including you) might be par for the course for them… no big deal.

Of course, not all of your customers will be wealthy. But you don't have to cater to all of them… just to those who can afford to pay top dollar.

How do you know what backend products to create?

It's easy. Email your customers a free weekly newsletter. Along with a short article or tip sheet, invite them to email you with questions, problems, and sticking points. You can even have a "mailbag" in each newsletter -- where you answer questions from the previous week.

When you find that many of your customers share the same problems or ask the same questions, create new products to solve those problems. Or, if you don't have the time or desire to do that, solve their problems with joint ventures...

Solve your customers' problems through joint ventures with companies, then split the profits

Once you have 1,000+ customers on your list, you too will be sought after by business owners wanting to JV (joint venture) with you.

(That's why so many companies have affiliate programs. Paying you in direct proportion to the sales you generate is far more attractive than gambling money on flat fee ads.)

This is great news and here's why:

Your customers will be able to consume new products faster than you can create them. So after your customers buy everything you have to sell them, JVs give you a way to keep generating cash from your customer list.

A moment ago, I suggested encouraging customers to email you with their questions and problems. When you notice that lots of people share a common problem, you can create new products of your own.

Or, you can find products, services, or web-based tools to solve their problems. Then form joint ventures with the people behind these products, and split the profits generated by your recommendations.

For example, I recently invited my customers to join me on a conference call with Larry Goins. I recommended Larry's $788 home study course, then had him give a presentation on the benefits. Of the 178 customers who joined the conference call, 44 bought his course, generating $34,672 in revenue. I got half of that… $17,336.

You can recommend the JV product via email. You can also recommend it via a group conference call. You can either give the presentation yourself or have your JV partner give the presentation.

Another method is to trade recommendations.

For example, Larry and I both sell information to real estate investors. He teaches them how to buy and flip bargain properties. And I teach them how to avoid banks, and finance those properties with money from wealthy individuals.

Since our products are complementary, he recommends my products to his customers at his conferences, and I do the same for him.

With this method, both you and your JV partner gain new customers. And many of those new customers will go on to buy your backend products.

Explode the lifetime value of each customer

Let's suppose your basic product is a downloadable MP3 combined with an eBook -- and you sell it for $39. Since you have no production costs, your gross profit is $39.

But let's say over the next five years, you develop a series of backend products -- ranging from a $299 home study system to a $2,000 weekend conference. You can also create a private membership site on which members pay $29/month for password access.

At the end of five years, if you average how much each customer has paid you over the “lifetime” of doing business with you, you will find that on the low end there are customers who only bought your $39 basic product.

You will also find that at the high end, there are customers who bought everything you offered them. Perhaps your gross profit on these customers is $3,000 each. Of course, most of your customers fall somewhere in between.

If you add up your total revenue for that five years, divide it by the number of customers in your database, you will find that the average lifetime value of a customer is $683.

Of course, your number could be higher or lower. But in this example, you could virtually count on banking $683 over a five year period -- every time you made a $39 sale. And that's not including the additional monies you'll make through joint ventures.

Of course, this lifetime value of a customer depends on how many backend products you have, how convincing your email promotions are, whether or not you have a recurring monthly subscription program, and how often you recommend joint venture products/services to your customer list.

But as you can see, the sky's the limit.

What stumps most entrepreneurs? Generating new customers

To generate new customers, you need a website, and even more important, you need traffic to your website.

This is where most people fail. They spend way too much on advertising, and all they get is an embarrassing trickle of traffic to their websites.

They waste thousands of dollars -- and months of their lives -- on Internet marketing methods that don't work.

Because things change so quickly on the Internet, some effective strategies lose their punch within six months. Others just don't generate enough sales to be worthwhile.

So if you're serious about developing your own info-products, making big money on the Internet, and avoiding common mistakes, you need to get a foolproof step-by-step system from someone who's done it successfully.

The solution?

Here's the bulletproof step-by-step system I use for selling information

Without a proven A-to-Z system, you could spend months (or years) spinning your wheels. You could waste thousands of dollars on trial and error.

That's why I'm proud to announce the release of my brand new boot-camp-in-a-box, "Internet Money Made Easy".

I'll even stake my own money on your success. ACT NOW and I'll throw in three Super Bonuses, including $3,900 worth of private consulting with me personally.

The other two bonuses are equally impressive -- and they are descibed fully below. Just remember, you must act NOW.

This groundbreaking A-to-Z system shows you how to create info-products that sell like crazy, then generate record profits with a bulletproof Internet marketing campaign -- all in your spare time with no employees.

Why I documented my proprietary methods -- And why I'm releasing them now

Recently, I participated in a mastermind group. One of the other members, Sherman Ragland, was so impressed by my Internet sales system, that he offered me $5,000 to give him a private 2-day Internet marketing boot camp. (Just so you know, I'll do the same for you.)

During our weekend together, I showed him how I combined SEO strategies to get my website ranked #1 in Google under "real estate private lending".

I also showed him how I drive traffic to my website with an affiliate program, pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, and writing articles.

Finally, I showed him how I capture email addresses from visitors who don't buy right away, and then use my email newsletter to win them over.

While walking Sherman through my A-to-Z system, I recorded the entire weekend.

When word got out, some of my customers wanted this training too.

So I planned to lead a group internet training session in the future, just as I have done for years with my $4,995 Private Money boot camp. Or course, the new boot camp would be called "Internet Money Made Easy".

In preparation for this, I created a complete package of support materials -- including two jam-packed binders, a CD-ROM with 7 forms, 23 foolproof checklists, and 12 audio CDs.

Unfortunately, my schedule is so packed I don't know when I'll do the first live event.

So rather than keep my customers waiting, I've bundled together all of the materials -- including the live recordings of my weekend with Sherman. And I'm releasing it to the public as a boot-camp-in-a-box.

That means right now, you can get the equivalent of a weekend boot camp -- but without the high cost of an airline ticket, hotel, and rental car.

During the first morning of this closed-door boot camp, you'll learn how to:

  • Determine what knowledge you have that others are dying to learn -- and will be eager to pay for.
  • Create your product in just hours -- not days -- using my "speed demon" approach.
  • Define your own unique niche, and make your information stand out from competing products.
  • The ultimate litmus test to determine the sales potential of any product.
  • A dynamite change to any title that's proven to explode sales.
  • Which should you publish first: an eBook or a full-fledged home study system?

Turn your ideas into finished products in record time

You'll also learn how to:

  • Create secure PDFs that can't be copied, corrupted, or changed.
  • Turn your rough recording into a flawless CD-quality presentation. You'll discover FREE high-quality recording software that lets you edit out the "um's" and "ah's". You can even edit separate segments together into a long presentation.
  • Turn your audio into a written transcript -- and who will do this for you dirt cheap, if you want to outsource it.
  • Transform your rough transcript into a professionally written eBook or home study system. How to hire a topnotch ghost writer for peanuts, and pay them a one-time flat fee. (No royalties.) That means you get 100% of the writing credit and profits.
  • Where to find FREE eBook templates online.
  • Where to get royalty-free art and graphics, and when to splurge on custom design.

How to choose hot topics that sell like crazy

Here's a million dollar secret. When there's a huge demand for information -- but it can't be found easily -- the result is a powerful "vacuum effect". I'll show you how to profit from this dynamic, and literally create your own niche market.

To demonstrate, suppose you have a knack for baking, gardening, and healing animals with natural remedies. You could publish information on any of these topics. But which one offers the greatest potential for sales and profits?

I'll show you a step-by-step method for finding out two things: (1) How many people are searching for "how to" information on each topic, and (2) how many websites are meeting the demand.

Using this amazing method, you might discover that dozens of popular websites already provide baking and gardening information. But only a couple of sites provide information on healing animals with natural remedies… and those two are hard to find.

Regarding those two sites, you might also find them difficult to navigate. Or poorly designed. Or the info provided might only scratch the surface. Or the sales copy might be unconvincing.

So you come to the obvious conclusion: even prospects who find these websites leave unfulfilled.

Further, using my method, you discover a large demand for information on healing animals with natural remedies. This unfulfilled demand has created a "vacuum effect". These animal lovers are unfulfilled and hungry for the knowhow you possess.

They're eager to pounce on the information -- if only someone would make easy to find and buy. That's where you come in!

Now you know which topic to write about. Fill that void, and your information will sell like crazy.

How to build an impressive high-profit website on a shoestring budget

Later on the first morning, you'll discover:

  • The inside scoop on free web hosting.
  • Three domain name blunders that can cripple you. The wrong domain name can alienate visitors, drive them to your competitors, or box you in to a tiny niche, making it virtually impossible to expand your product line.
  • Dirt cheap web design software that turns you into a professional web designer overnight -- saving you thousands on the cost of web design.
  • Where to find pre-designed web page templates that cost little or nothing.
  • Five common blunders that frustrate visitors, making them flee your website, vowing never to return.
  • PDFs versus HTML pages -- the little-known pros and cons of each.
  • How and where to answer your visitors' unspoken concerns and objections.

How to make visitors buy from you -- with ultra-motivating sales copy

Here's the wonderful thing about selling on the web. You can make sales 24 hours a day, without taking phone calls.

Instead of convincing people to buy, over and over again, you can put your sales pitch in writing, and let your sales letter do the convincing for you.

Basically, you list the benefits of your product. You explain why it's better than the alternatives. And you list the consequences of not buying it (i.e. without your information, what problems or frustrations will keep on aggravating your prospects?).

You'll also learn how to:

  • Hook visitors instantly, so they stop whatever they're doing and become glued to your sales copy.
  • Win the trust of skeptical prospects, and get them to believe 100% that your product is everything you promise.
  • Paint a vivid picture of the frustrations your prospects will continue to face, if they don't buy your product.
  • Reverse the risk -- so prospects aren't afraid to buy from you.
  • Win over prospects who are "just looking for information", and don't have their credit cards in hand -- with my ingenious soft sell approach.
  • Motivate past customers to send you raving testimonials -- providing you with undisputable proof that your product is a great value.
  • The right way to close the sale with your written words.
  • Eight more ways to grab visitors by their collars, and compel them to buy from you.
  • How many testimonials to include?
  • The #1 biggest blunder authors make when reprinting testimonials.
  • Replace "Order Now" with this phrase and watch your sales double.

Armed with these proven strategies -- the same ones I've personally use to sell information -- you'll be able to write killer sales copy.

How to earn the trust and loyalty of visitors with your killer content

Your sales letter is the only thing you really need to generate web sales. However, if your website has no articles, tips, or other content -- if it's just a sales pitch -- some prospects will wonder if the information you are selling is any good.

On the other hand, if your site has truly valuable content, they won't question the value of your information products.

What makes content valuable to your visitors?

If it answers their burning questions, or solves their most pressing problems, they will definitely see you as an authority worth listening to. That's all the proof they'll need.

The logic goes like this: If your free content is this good, then the information you charge for must be even better. So in this section, you'll learn how to:

  • Design your website so it establishes you as a trusted authority.
  • Make your visitors hungry for your advice and recommendations -- so they never feel "sold to" when they read your sales content.
  • Choose links that make your visitors grateful to you.
  • Nine types of content you can easily include on your site -- to win visitor trust and establish yourself as an authority.
  • Why experts want you to post their articles on your website, and where to find articles your visitors will love. Then all you need to do is copy and paste. Then VOILA!… your website is rich with valuable content.

Valuable content strengthens your relationships. And the stronger your relationships, the more responsive your visitors will be when you recommend products/services in the future. Instead of just having customers, you'll have devoted fans who look up to you.

How to rack up bigger sales by bundling products together

During our first afternoon together, you'll learn to maximize the value of your information -- by packaging the same (or similar) information as a book, audio, and video.

Here's an example. I give a one-day seminar on real estate investing. I record the seminar on both audio and video. I have the audio transcribed. Now how many potential products could I have?

I have the audio and video edited, music added, and transferred to DVD and CD.

  1. The CD is an audio book on the topic of my seminar.
  2. The edited transcript is a low cost eBook, which can be sold alone or bundled as a free bonus with a high-priced product.
  3. The transcript can be turned into a manual, or used as the basis for a new home study system.
  4. The video can be transferred to a DVD. Or it can be streaming video on my private membership site, available only to subscribers.
  5. The CD, transcript, and DVD can be bundled together at a higher price.

Not bad for a single day's work!

How to plant the seeds for ongoing sales to new customers

You'll also learn:

  • What to include in your home study system -- to make customers feel great about the money they've spent, and prevent buyer's remorse and returns.
  • How to motivate new customers to tear into your information, and not set it aside "for later". (Those who study and benefit from your info are much more likely to buy from you again!)
  • When and where to include testimonials in your home study system.
  • Mistakes to avoid when promoting your backend products/services at the end of your eBook, audio, or video presentation.

How to develop backend products that sell

  • Get your customers to tell you what other advice they're hungry for, what other information voids need to be filled.
  • Use this firsthand knowledge to create new information products that are guaranteed to sell like gangbusters!
  • Turn the content from your past newsletters into a book.
  • Use eBooks to sell higher priced products. Whether you sell an expensive service now, or want to create a high-priced home study course on your topic, you'll learn how to integrate a downloadable eBook into your automated sales process.

How to capture email addresses from visitors who don't buy -- and win them over with an email newsletter

With few exceptions, only 1-2% of the people who visit a website make purchases the first time they visit. What about the other 98-99%?

If you don't capture their email addresses, you have no way to bring them back to your website. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope they return someday.

Here's the good news. Towards the end of that first afternoon, you'll learn how to:

  • Capture email addresses from a staggering number of visitors -- by offering freebies they're dying to have. You'll discover six freebies that work like gangbusters.
  • Ride on the coattails of popular websites in your field -- by getting their subscribers to join your list too. You can have hundreds of new subscribers per day no matter how many (or how few) people visit your website.
  • Then, use my newsletter techniques to drive your subscribers to your website, and upgrade them into paying customers.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Write newsletters that establish you as a trusted authority in the minds of your subscribers. Winning their business = earning their trust.
  • Keep subscribers engaged with surveys, "reader spotlight" articles, or a "Dear Abby" section, where you answer questions from subscribers.
  • Win their loyalty by giving them special perks and privileges not available to the general public.
  • End every newsletter with a cliffhanger that makes readers eager to get your next issue.
  • Choose tips, articles, and other content that will blow your sales through the roof.
  • Create another income stream by selling ad space in your newsletters. This can be lucrative, but be careful: if you don't heed my three warnings, you could alienate your subscribers and be laughed at by potential advertisers!

On the morning of the second day, you'll discover:

  • Web links that subscribers love to receive.
  • Three regular columns your subscribers will look forward to every month.
  • Three magnetic ways to drive subscribers back to your web site.
  • One simple technique that'll triple the traffic generated by your newsletter.
  • Limited time offers that generate sales like gangbusters!

And you'll get definitive answers to these questions:

  • How long should my newsletter be?
  • How often should I send it?
  • Should I send text or HTML emails?

Without knowing the right answers to these questions, you could alienate your subscribers. For example, emailing too often can lead to subscriber burnout. But if you don't email often enough, subscribers could forget who you are and delete your messages.

Keyword secrets that'll shoot your website to the top of search engines

With my proven techniques, you'll become great at search engine optimization (SEO).

Here's the scoop: the words and phrases people type into search engines are called "keywords". For example, out of the 2,000+ people who've seen me lecture, a few hundred might search for "Alan Cowgill". That's a keyword.

But far more people -- tens of thousands -- search for "private lending" and "real estate private lending". Those are the people I really want to attract.

So I've integrated those keywords into my website -- in a very systematic way -- to zoom my site to the top of search engines. The result: I'm #1 in Google under the first phrase, and #2 under the second phrase!

During the late morning, you'll discover how to:

  • Choose the right keywords -- and avoid the four deadly keyword mistakes that sabotage search engine rankings.
  • Spy on your toughest competition -- and view the invisible keywords they've hidden in their HTML code. What better way to copy success?
  • Steer clear of keywords that are too competitive. For example, if you search Google for "pottery" today, you'll get at least 250 million search results! That keyword is too competitive.
  • Choose keywords that are relevant to what you sell and also specific, so you have the least possible competition.
  • Type your keywords into any search engine, click on the #2 ranked website, and find out exactly which keywords that competitor used get to the top of the search engine.
  • Get each of your web pages reconsidered for higher search rankings several times per week, vs once a month or less.
  • An incredible web-based tool that shows you the popularity of keywords related to your information. Just type in the most obvious keyword, and you'll get a long list of synonyms and related keywords. Best of all, you'll see how many people searched on each keyword in the past month.
  • Two little known web directories that rival Yahoo in importance -- and are eager to include new websites.
  • The four criteria that dramatically influence a keyword's impact on your search rankings.
  • What percentage of words on your web pages should be keywords?
  • How and where to place your keywords, how frequently they should appear in your copy, how close together different keywords should be, and more.

Link popularity secrets that will push your website to the top of search engine results

Along with keywords, inbound links (the ones that drive traffic from other sites to yours) have an enormous influence on your search engine positions. That's why I spend the second afternoon showing you:

  • How to use the "law of reciprocity" to get links from popular web sites, and receive a portion of all their traffic forever!
  • Which sites you should NOT obtain links from - because it will lower your search engine ranking.
  • Which influences search engines more? The number of incoming links, or the nature and popularity of the sites that link to you?
  • "Cheater" SEO techniques that might give you a brief advantage, but will ultimately backfire and get your site banned from the search engines.
  • Don't blow your chance to dominate the search engines because links to your site contain the wrong words. Find out exactly what HTML code you should provide to link partners.

How to build an army of affiliates who flood your website with customers

Here's another proven way to generate ongoing sales: launch an affiliate program. Affiliates are people who drive traffic to your website -- in exchange for a commission. "Super Affiliates" are people with SEO expertise, popular web sites, or tons of subscribers to their newsletters.

Often, however, they don't have products of their own. Or they've run out of products to sell to their customers. So they're hunting for affiliate products that match their customers' needs and interests.

When you start an affiliate program, it means you're offering a commission to affiliates every time they generate a sale. This has two big advantages over regular advertising:

  1. You don't pay affiliates until AFTER you've collected from their customers. So, unlike regular advertising, you never have to lay out cash in advance.
  2. You pay in direct proportion to the results generated. If someone generates 100 sales per day, they get paid for 100. But if they only generate one sale, they only get paid for one. With regular advertising, you pay a flat fee no matter how many sales you generate.

In short, selling through affiliates is 100% risk-free!

Your affiliates will literally cast a giant net over the Web and pull in customers you couldn't have reached on your own. Your brand recognition will increase, and your sales can literally go through the roof. I personally have over 765 affiliates who add substantially to my bottom line.

Also during the second afternoon, you'll learn how to:

  • Put your affiliate program on overdrive by arming affiliates with magnetic ads, email messages, testimonials, and other persuasion tools that drive prospects to your website.
  • Make your affiliates eager to recommend your program to others.
  • Screen potential affiliates (when and why) so you don't wind up with affiliates who spam people, use unethical marketing tactics, or make exaggerated promises about your product.
  • Get earnings testimonials from your top affiliates, and use them to make hundreds line up to join your affiliate program.
  • Find niche affiliate directories that cater to people who are extremely interested in your topic.
  • Turn your own customers into enthusiastic affiliates.
  • Find websites that have tons of traffic and cater to your target market, then use my powerful "banner comparison" technique to convince these site owners to join your program, replace their current banner ads with yours, and get paid on a commission basis.
  • Reach experienced Web entrepreneurs -- "Super Affiliates" -- who already have popular websites or newsletters, are trusted by those who will want your information, and can generate sales within hours of joining your program.
  • Use software or third party services to automate tasks such as the signup process, sales reporting, and the printing and mailing of commission checks. This will allow your affiliates to check their sales reports any day they want to and will prevent you from living in an administrative nightmare.

You'll also discover:

  • The #1 best place to find these Super Affiliates, and how to court them with special perks not offered to your other affiliates. Plus, get the same magnetic message I use to recruit Super Affiliates.
  • The three benchmarks your website must meet before you begin to recruit affiliates. This will save your affiliates from getting frustrated with your program, declaring that it's a complete waste of time, and criticizing you to everyone they know.
  • Ten powerful marketing tools you can give affiliates.
  • How much commission should you pay affiliates? When and why should you offer bonuses for unusually high sales volumes?
  • Four affiliate directories where you can announce your program to people searching for new affiliate programs to join -- for free.

More tips for multiplying your web sales

  • Write a tagline that sets you apart from your competition -- and learn exactly where it should appear on your site.
  • Keep visitors on your site longer, and multiply the number of repeat visits.
  • Increase sales revenue -- even among visitors who leave your site without buying.
  • Use free newsletters, special reports, and teaser chapters to sell more products.
  • What to include on every page of your website (not just your homepage) -- to multiply sales dramatically.

You'll also learn to track the movement of every visitor to your site so you know:

  • Who visited your site?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • Are they making it to your product pages?
  • What percentage of them are buying?
  • How many returning visitors do you have?
  • How many new visitors do you have?

All of these numbers can be tracked automatically, and you can view the results as charts and graphs like these:

If you're content with your web sales, you might not need this information. But if you want to maximize your hits, visits, and sales, this information will reveal the strong and weak points of your sales process.

For example, if you find that 90% of your traffic is coming from Google, and only 10% is coming from your affiliates, you'll know that your affiliate program has room for improvement.

Or if you find that only a small percentage of your visitors are buying, you can test different sales copy, prices, or limited time offers.

Or -- one more example -- if you find that few visitors are clicking from your home page to your product pages, you can announce the #1 benefit of your products in bright colors, with a big arrow pointing to the pertinent product page link. Or you can drive visitors from search engines directly to your product pages.

Why other Internet marketing courses fall short

First, many so-called Web marketing "experts" have no real world success. They pack their books and courses with regurgitated information they found by combing through other people's methods. And none of them offer double your money back, like I do.

But even if you buy information from a legitimate author -- who's truly made money with the strategies he teaches, as I have -- those methods are worthless if you have nothing to sell.

What good is traffic to your website if you can't turn those visitors into paying customers?

Think about it. Internet marketing books and courses are aimed at business owners who already have product lines.

The best you can hope for is a few nickels and dimes selling ad space, or driving people to the Google AdSense program. But if that's all you've got, you'll be lucky just to cover your web hosting fees.

What makes "Internet Money Made Easy" unique?

  • This groundbreaking home study system goes beyond other Web marketing courses, showing you not just how to build a website and flood it with traffic, but also how to create an info-product for little or no money -- and then sell it by the thousands.
  • When you invest in "Internet Money Made Easy", there's nothing left out. It's the definitive system. And there's no attempt to lure you into buying a higher priced course, conference, or coaching program.
  • You can do everything from home, in your spare time, with NO employees.
  • Others make staggering income claims. But few give you proof of their earnings. I do.
  • To operate any other million dollar per year business, you'd need 7-15 employees. Following my A-to-Z system, you won't need any employees.

Here's one more unique thing about "Internet Money Made Easy". To my knowledge, no other course on this topic comes with foolproof checklists. (If you find one, please let me know.)

My 23 life-saving checklists make it impossible for you to overlook a single step on your path to financial freedom.

They guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks… that you complete each step necessary to make good money within your first year. They cover these topics:

  1. Affiliate Recruitment
  2. Article Submission
  3. Banner Advertising
  4. Banner Advertising Pricing Structure
  5. Building Your Site
  6. Content
  7. Copyright Procedures
  8. Domain Name and Hosting
  9. Expanding Your Product Line
  10. Finding Star Keywords
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Home Study System
  13. Joint Venture Contracts
  14. Locating Affiliates
  15. Marketing Materials for Affiliates
  16. Newsletter Etiquette & Co-Registration
  17. Newsletter Format
  18. Signing up with Google Advertising and Google Adwords
  19. Start with a Killer Sales Page
  20. Test Your Mock Visitors
  21. The Essentials for Public Speaking
  22. Viral Marketing
  23. Developing Your Product

My current customers (real estate investors) have gladly paid from $1,497 to $4,995 to attend my boot camps. They know they'll get the complete lowdown.

My "Internet Money Made Easy" boot camp will be in the same price range. And I'm offering you the exact same A-to-Z system.

However, because it's a boot-camp-in-a-box, I'm reducing the price to a risk-free $1,197 for each manual. And here's what makes it risk-free:

"Internet Money Made Easy" includes two beefy binders, a PowerPoint presentation, a CD-ROM with 7 forms, and 23 foolproof checklists. You also get the essential trade secrets from my weekend with Sherman, distilled down to 12 audio CDs.

(If you're like me, your time is valuable. So I edited out the fluff, along with the segments that were only relevant to Sherman's business.)

Super Bonus #1: $3,900 Worth Of Private Consulting

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If you order NOW, I'll personally answer your questions, coach you, and provide the solution to any challenge you face for the next 90 days.

I normally charge $300 per hour for consulting, and clients get to email or phone me. Of course, the phone calls usually take more time.

So I ask that you send your questions by email; it's the only way I can realistically offer 90 days of consulting.

If I spend an hour per week answering your emails, 13 weeks times $300 comes to $3,900 of consulting over a 90-day period.

Of course, you can email your questions 24 hours per day. And if I'm not in a conference, I'll reply within one business day. And remember: even if a question seems "big" to you, I've probably faced it a number of times, so I can solve it in minutes.

Why wait and lose out on this valuable bonus? Why do this alone, with nobody to turn to for answers?

Super Bonus #2: My Million-Dollar Rolodex

"Internet Money Made Easy" is a complete do-it-yourself money-making system. It shows you how to start a small empire using "sweat equity", instead of a lot of cash.

However, if you've already got a big bank account, and you want to hire people now -- rather than invest "sweat equity" -- you might decide to outsource some of the steps.

And either way, once customers start flooding your website and pouring money into your bank account, I'm sure you'll want to do some outsourcing.

When that time comes, my million-dollar Rolodex will save you hundreds of dollars and tons of aggravation.

That's because you'll get the names and emails of the same professionals I personally use and recommend. These include:

  • My transcription service (for turning audio into written documents)
  • My ghost writer (for turning your rough transcript into a professionally written book)
  • My direct response copywriter (for writing sales letters)
  • My graphic designer (for doing your book covers)
  • My web designer
  • My webmaster (for setting up e-commerce, etc)
  • My conference call service (for hosting conference calls)
  • My fulfillment house (for shipping products on my behalf)

Without my private Rolodex, you'd have to start from scratch, posting ads for freelancers, reading reviews of their work, evaluating their portfolios, trading emails or phone calls, etc. All of that takes time.

And even after screening someone, there are no guarantees. Their work could be questionable. Or they could fail to meet your deadline. Or worse, they could disappear after receiving your down payment.

It's taken me years of working with different vendors and freelancers to find the pro's I use now. During that period, I wasted thousands of dollars on poor quality work.

Why spend years (like I did) when you can instantly benefit from my years of experience and skip the growing pains?

Super Bonus #3: A Whopping 50% Discount

I'm very eager to generate testimonials. So if you promise to send me a great testimonial (once your sales start pouring in), I'll make you an irresistible offer: $1,197.

Super Bonus #4: Your First Product

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All done for you. I've created a manual that you can sell instantly. It is in eBook format so you get your first product with this system.

You don't need any special education, degree, or certificate. You don't need to pass an audition or interview. You don't even need a resume.

Imagine yourself a month from now -- a self published author with your own newsletter, eBook, or audiobook.

Six months from now, your website is at the top of search engines. Prospects are flooding to your website, subscribing to your free newsletter, buying your info-products, and telling their friends about you.

Six months from now, you've got an army of affiliates promoting your info-products to their visitors and subscribers, generating even more sales and profits.

And six months from now, you've got over 1,000 customers. Other entrepreneurs are contacting you, inviting you to do joint ventures. They're recommending your products to their customers. You're doing the same, and splitting the revenues you generate.

It's a new chapter in your life. You've got money coming into your bank account 24 hours a day, whether you're working or not.

You no longer worry about paying your bills or splurging on your kids. You never feel deprived. You're buying new clothes, TVs, and cars without guilt.

Enjoy a very comfortable income without getting burned out

That's right: unlike others with big incomes, you're not coming home exhausted by a 40-, 50-, or 60-hour work week.

No way. You get to sleep late, work at home, set your own hours, and call your own shots. You don't need permission to take a vacation. You don't answer to anybody.

Best of all, hundreds (or thousands) of admiring fans look up to you, value your advice, and respond eagerly every time they hear from you. Some have even signed up for coaching and become your friends. You can't help feeling great about yourself!

This is how it starts. With the knowledge of information products.

Now return to the present moment -- right now. You're at a fork in the road. You can continue being overworked, underpaid, or bored with your job.

Or, you can start a new chapter in your life, make a name for yourself, and become a respected authority in your field.

Armed with "Internet Money Made Easy", you can have the lifestyle you've always dreamed about. So why put it off? Why spend another day falling short of your potential in life? Or settling for mediocre?

And no matter what you decide, my million-dollar Rolodex and the $3,900 worth of private consulting is yours to keep. Of course, that's assuming you act NOW.

Click here to start your own lucrative info-product business right now!

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I understand that if I follow your foolproof A-to-Z system and somehow fall short of earning $60,000 my first year (very unlikely!), I get double my money back. And even if I never implement your system, I can still send it back within a year for a prompt 100% refund.

YES! I'm ordering, so please bonus me your million-dollar Rolodex and the $3,900 worth of private consulting. I understand that these bonuses are mine to keep, even if I return "Internet Money Made Easy".

YES! I'm ordering and I promise to send you a testimonial as soon as I start making sales. You have permission to post my testimonial on your website, along with my city and state. On this basis, please discount my price to $1,197 for each manual.

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